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Care Management

       Care management helps people manage their day-to-day life through hands-on care coordination in a highly individualized way.  Care managers can support people by providing medical expertise, crisis intervention, resource referrals and buffering family conflicts.  Our goal is to provide advocacy and education to promote healthy choices and help individuals stay on track with their life goals.

       Essentially, care management empowers people to better manage their lives and close gaps in care to promote happier and safer lifestyles.  Care management can also provide family members peace of mind, reduce caregiver stress, manage complex health conditions and foster greater independence.  Care management can be time limited, such as providing assistance after a hospitalization, or on-going.

       Aspen Care can assist with intensive care management needs whether family is near or far.  For those who are self-reliant, we can provide guidance and support.   If you would like to learn more about how Care Management Services could assist you or your loved one, call for a a free consultation today at (720) 724-0000.

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