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       It may be that you or your loved one has limited decision making abilities.  When this occurs, a person is at risk for self-neglect, physical/mental abuse, undue influence, inability to receive comprehensive medical treatment and/or financial exploitation.  A guardian is appointed when there is significant impairment and the person’s life has been negatively impacted.  To offer protection, oversight and safety, a guardians may be necessary.  Ideally, the guardian would be a family member or a trusted, long-term friend.  If there is no suitable person who is able and willing to serve in this capacity, a professional guardian may be appointed.

       Guardianship is a legal process.  The Colorado Probate Court is kept informed of the individual’s care through an annual guardianship report and other documents as necessary. Aspen Care relies on decades of experience and the National Guardianship Association to provide professional, ethical and compassionate care.  Promoting dignity and autonomy are hallmark values to maximize independence and self-reliance, while still ensuring safety.  Additionally, the state of Colorado offers guidelines for the care and protection of individuals in the care of guardianship.


       Often individuals receiving guardianship care have a team of legal, medical, fiscal and/or community care partners.  Aspen Care has been successful at collaborating and communicating with these teams.  This aids in timely service delivery and better outcomes. 


       Holistic and integrated care are utilized to ensure that the person’s voice and choices guide decisions.  Every effort is made to create opportunities to thrive mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  
We believe in the motto: Leave no stone unturned in our efforts to provide quality care. 


To learn more about Guardianship Services, please call (720) 724-0000.

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