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The Mindful Path — Happiness | Mar. 3, 2021

March 20th is International Day of Happiness. The theme for this year is ‘Keep calm. Stay wise. Be kind.’ Exploring the theme further, the non-profit Action for Happiness ( provides these suggestions:

Keep calm. There are many things out of our control. Let’s remember to utilize mindfulness and our slow, steady breath to focus on what really matters so we can respond constructively and effectively.

Stay wise. Making smart, safe choices helps everyone. Let’s choose positive actions and thoughts that support our wellbeing along with helping our community. Lifelong learning promotes optimism.

Be kind. We’re all in this together, even when we are apart. Let’s continue to find creative ways to stay connected and reach out to help others in need.

You can celebrate happiness by joining the Denver Public Library’s free, zoom classes the week of March 22nd. Lisa Lowe from Life Long Acupuncture will explore happiness and laughter in her meditation and Qi Gong (a movement based practice that promotes physical, emotional and mental wellbeing) classes. For more information contact the Denver Public Library at 720-865-1111 or email Lisa Lowe directly at

Join the international movement to promote happiness in March and throughout the coming year. For more information visit Action for Happiness promotes a free 10 days of happiness campaign, learn more about this opportunity at Enjoy exploring how you can welcome more happiness in your life. Happy Spring!

(Article was originally posted in My Prime Time News, a Colorado newspaper for seniors. Visit their website at . Photo credit: Lidya Nada)

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