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The Mindful Path — Year of the Dragon | Feb. 3, 2024

“When you have clarity of intention, the universe conspires with you to make it happen.” – Fabienne Fredrickson

The Lunar New Year celebration will begin on February 10th. The bold Year of the Dragon promises to bring energy and opportunity to the coming year. The dragon is the only mythical creature in the Asian zodiac which is comprised of 12 animals. The legendary magical beast is symbolic of success, dignity and honor. In ancient times, it represented power. The dragon is considered by many to bring the most prosperous and exciting year. In a dragon year, people are said to be able to harness the creature’s intelligence, leadership and abilities to realize their own dreams and purpose.

The Year of the Dragon is the perfect time to reflect on your intentions. The Lunar New Year can be an opportunity to reset your year and a chance to make a fresh start. Intention setting is a tool to guide you through the months ahead in a purposeful way.

Here are some ideas to harass the positive energy of the Dragon Year:

Start with Why: Intentions aren’t new year resolutions. They’re the values and desires behind your goals. Intentions can provide an overarching purpose of how to focus your time. Intentions are free of guilt and harshness.

Progress is Possible: Focus on the journey not the destination. Intention setting allows for setbacks and the unexpected. Energy is not wasted on the pursuit of perfection but on progress. Micro steps are powerful tools to achieve goals.

Create a New Habit: The easiest way to enhance your life is to commit to making one new, positive habit. Whether your intentions center around health, positive relationships or personal growth, creating a consistent, repeatable activity that will enhance your vitality and can make a big difference over time. Using your intentions to form new habits is a gentle reminder to stay focused on what is important in life. Wayne Dyer reminds us, “Our intentions create our reality.”

Reflect and Write: Jotting your thoughts down is the easiest way to practice centering, self-reflection, and restful awareness. It is also an excellent way to reflect on your values and purpose. Writing can provide a powerful path to calm and clarity.  Try to detach from any final

outcome and have the attitude of “More curiosity and less agenda.”

Here's to a year guided by positive intentions fueled by your values and purpose, enjoy the vibrant year ahead. A common New Year greeting in Cantonese is “gong hei fat choy” and translates to “wishing you great happiness and prosperity!"

Image by: Roland Halpern

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