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The Mindful Path — Eat Local | Aug. 3, 2023

National Farmers Market week is celebrated the first full week of August each year. This August 6 – 12, 2023, will offer Coloradans an opportunity to support local farmers and savor the summer’s bounty. “Farmers Markets are a great way to find local produce and artisan food products while also connecting with your community. The importance of supporting local farmers while enjoying the benefits of fresh, healthful, local produce cannot be overstated.” According to Mike Geller from Mike’s Organic Delivery based in Stamford, CT.

What to expect – Many farmers markets in Colorado feature food trucks, local, small businesses, pop-up flower and plant stands and farmer’s fresh produce and fruits. It is so fun to see all the people and local businesses gathering for the common good of our neighborhoods and community.

Tips for a better farmers market trip –

Come prepared. Hot summer days call for sunscreen, bottled water, sturdy shoes, hat, sunglasses, lip balm, and as needed a walking stick or cane. People often have a chilled cooler in the car to transport their treasures home. Add an extra water bottle to the cooler so you will have refreshing, cold water when you get back to the car.

Shop with a purpose. Prior to heading to the market make a shopping list but don’t limit yourself to it. Bring cash and several shopping bags. If possible, take a lap around the market to familiarize yourself with the vendors. Farmers Markets offer an opportunity to eat less from a box or fast-food bag and more from whole foods.

Timing is everything. If you value selection and comfort, head to the farmers market first thing in the morning. If you can brave the heat and the crowds, the end of the day is the best time for deals and discounts.

Chat with farmers and vendors. Farmers literally sustain our lives. It is such an honor to talk with farmers and their staff about their farms. The market offers a unique opportunity to curb isolation and build meaningful community relationships. Soak up the knowledge farmers provide and learn more about the food you’ll be eating. Be open to trying a new taste sensation. As you prepare to leave the stand, take a moment to thank the farmers and staff for their critically important jobs.

Ready to go? Find a local, farmers market at Savor the tastes of summer! I hope your farmer's market visit is peachy!

Photo credit: Peter Wendt

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